Tech Marketing LLC

                                        Website-  and Owner- Оlеksапdга Каrаhiаur Email-, This company applied with iPayTotal through a Cashier Platform Partner for processing solutions. All was going fine until we started receiving customer complaints.  Our risk department contacted them to provide evidence which can authenticate the sale. We got the necessary KYC documents also which […]


Before people make any assumptions, this is to inform, We are not a Payment Processing Company. We are Sales Partners of multiple national and international payment processing companies and acquiring banks.Our job is to assist merchants in finding payment solutions and set businesses up to accept all major credit cards and alternative payments. iPayTotal consists […]

Storm Complex Ltd

Website: Director: Ivan Dimitrov / Arvid ORM Industry: Forex The name “Storm” is appropriate for this merchant whom we are going to expose today. They destroyed the acquirers, payfacs, and bank like a STORM with whom they have dealt with previously. Their activity and their financial crimes and irregularities are all over the Internet. […]

Virsympay/Bahabeach/Riskhighpay/Guannihani Inc-Dario Roberts

           After an overwhelming viewership on our previous exposes on GSI market, we have decided to reveal the facts and proofs of more such fraudulent merchants spoiling the image and reputation of the payment processing industry. Virsympay/Bahabeach/Riskhighpay are just a few of those companies owned by Mr. Dario Roberts. They claim to be a genuine […]

Media Force LTD /GSI Markets

GSI Markets is a forex broker that offers two basic account type. This offers a commission-free standard account and an ECN account. The accounts come with variable spreads. Micro tradeable lots and swap-free services are also offered. GSI market has applied for a processing solution with Ipaytotal Ltd. The merchant has been provided with an […]

Exposing Fraud Merchants/Companies

Time and again we all have heard of many stories, read many reviews of unsatisfied merchants with their acquirers or payfacs or processors. Many reviews are there online, for the first time merchants to decide or make an opinion on that particular acquirer or payfacs or processors. But are those reviews really true?? If so […]