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Website-  and

Owner- Оlеksапdга Каrаhiаur


This company applied with iPayTotal through a Cashier Platform Partner for processing solutions. All was going fine until we started receiving customer complaints. 

Our risk department contacted them to provide evidence which can authenticate the sale. We got the necessary KYC documents also which were all backdated and lacking necessary information, but when the bank started investigating the issue, we found a lot more. There were multiple transactions done with the same card at the same time without the knowledge of the customer.

                               THEIR TRANSACTION PATTERN 

Due to our customer’s security and confidentiality, we are blurring images that show multiple transactions done from the same customer card within an extremely short period of time.


Once the account was suspended and the transactions refunded in full, we informed them the same,  but rather than accepting their mistake, the company started posting reviews about us everywhere claiming that we have not paid them. We have now decided to expose the truth so that people can understand the real truth behind the false claims.

These links and articles are not published by iPaytotal  Ltd. We do not take out our vengeance or our frustration like Mr. Mike Norton who doesn’t even have the courage to represent his company or publish his company info in the platform where he took out reviews for Ipaytotal.

The reason these scammers hide their real identity or do not disclose their company profile is that on the same platform their own customer base has a lot to say about them.

Here you go




Due to excessive chargebacks, retrievals that we received for this merchant, we decided to terminate our services to them. 

Even after directly informing them of the suspension of the MID, they think that by submitting stale documents, they can prove the authenticity of the sale. Why are customers complaining then? How and from where they are getting that backdated personal information of the customers. Something which is suspicious and doesn’t go hand in hand.

Also in the review published by Mr so-called Norton, he publishes a section of our agreement “

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as formal notice to you that the Card Payment Processing Agreement
(the “Agreement”), executed by you, on behalf of your company (“Merchant”), has been terminated for the cause of excessive chargebacks in your account. You, your Affiliates and/or Third Party Suppliers have acted or omitted to act in any way which we reasonably determine to diminish our, our Affiliates and/or any Card and Payment Scheme’s, business operations and/or reputation and/or goodwill and/or which we reasonably determine or suspect to give rise to any offense or any increased risk or liability to us.

Due to these chargebacks, iPayTotal will elect to enforce its rights under the Agreement and maintain the reserve as protection against potential risks and exposure, including but not limited to: chargebacks, penalties, fines, and/or deductions from the account. Kindly note that termination of the Agreement does not affect any accrued rights, remedies, obligations or liabilities (including your obligation to pay Service Fees and automatically resolve any dispute where you may be involved). Based on the payment processing lifecycle, chargebacks may present themselves after the termination of the Agreement and such chargebacks will represent a debt immediately due and payable by you.
If your account has been placed on the deferred settlement, this will remain in place until your contract has terminated.

To review the funds retained under clauses iPayTotal would require the following documentation to support the transactions you have processed. 

– Customer invoices for all transactions have taken so far
– Suppliers invoices relating to these transactions
– Pictures of stock

From the Termination Date, no further transactions are to be handled under the terms of the Contract. 
The final reconciliation of this account will be done after 180 days of this notice and the due payments will be released thereafter.

Now here we really don’t understand what does he imply by posting this section?It seems either he has never worked with any processing company or acquirer before or he wished or wanted that iPayTotal Ltd would support and continue to process his fraudulent transactions. Strange isn’t it?


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                                        Website-  and Owner- Оlеksапdга Каrаhiаur Email-, This company applied with iPayTotal through a Cashier Platform Partner for processing solutions. All

Fraudulent Merchant /Companies


Before people make any assumptions, this is to inform, We are not a Payment Processing Company. We are Sales Partners of multiple national and international