Virsympay/Bahabeach/Riskhighpay/Guannihani Inc-Dario Roberts

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After an overwhelming viewership on our previous exposes on GSI market, we have decided to reveal the facts and proofs of more such fraudulent merchants spoiling the image and reputation of the payment processing industry.

Virsympay/Bahabeach/Riskhighpay are just a few of those companies owned by Mr. Dario Roberts.

They claim to be a genuine service provider and do legitimate business, but how come none of these websites are secured??  Surprised….More coming up!!!

On detailed investigation with financial agencies and other authorities, here are some shocking revelations.

  1. The Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBOB) has altered the public that no authorizations have been given to any cryptocurrency operators. The bank warned soon after a crypto asset firm, VirSymCoin (VSC) announced about its ICO. The bank expressed that no regulators have encouraged to ‘offer digital currency, or provide such services such as cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto loans,’ and others.


The print media is flooded with such reviews if you tend to search by the above names.

This company approached us for a processing solution 

Their website as previously mentioned is not secured, but still, we gave them a processing solution USING OUR HOSTED PCI COMPLIANT PLATFORM. Since the company seemed fishy and not legit, the bank required a security deposit of $14000.They started their processing through us and received several payments as long as chargebacks started showing up.

Now the real story began, This company instead of using the payment solution for their website gave the hosted page to various other companies for payment processing. Some of them were illegal pharma companies selling their controlled illegal pharma drugs using our gateway.

Again the scammers forgot that we have a very vigilant RISK assessment.

As soon as we found out the real activities, we terminated the account.


All these clearly shows what we have paid to this fraudster for their fraudulent transactions.

Now as disputes and chargebacks started showing up, we have sent several emails for clarification and also for submission of proof of sales.

They were entering invalid phone numbers and email ids, so that our risk team or acquirer has no way to verify the authenticity of the sale. WICKED IDEAS AND INTENTION!!

We have sent several emails for transactions which were flagged/suspicious and requested documents which can validate the authenticity of the sale. What was submitted as a proof of sale is LITERALLY A JOKE…… 

                             PROOF OF SALE

With such a degree of fraud, do you think any Payfacs, Banks or Acquirers will accept such a company? They received the termination notice from our risk team 

Unable to digest the bitter truth, such frustrated merchant comes to print media, internet and play the victim card. Post false allegations with a little ray of hope to tarnish our reputation, our image, but they fail to realize that IPAYTOTAL is not YESTERDAY, its the FUTURE. The name, the fame and the market value we have achieved all these years is because of our hard work, our dedication, and our values.

We provide payment processing solution to our merchants, WE DO NOT SUPPORT FRAUDSTER OR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES.

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Before people make any assumptions, this is to inform, We are not a Payment Processing Company. We are Sales Partners of multiple national and international